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Tech Trends - tidsskrift arkiver

Teknologitrender, inspirasjon og nyheter fra Prevas.

Tech Trends er Prevas´ kundeblad som kommer ut 2- 3 ganger per år. Klikk på lenkene nedenfor, og les Tech Trends direkte på weben.

TechTrends 2 2014

Read Tech Trends no. 2, 2014

  • Specialist knowledge is absolutely crucial to OHB Sweden.
  • Test system to ABB for global benefit.
  • The world’s largest telescope, and Prevas provide parts for the research.
TechTrends 1 2014

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  • Coca Cola has improved its production process and saved millions.
  • An easy-to-use maintenance system that runs on iPads.
  • Sandvik's experience of an automation project. 10 best tips for introducing global automation.
TechTrends 2 2013

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  • Feel safe at home! With a closed radio system, neighbors alert each other.
  • Win with Re-use. Early debugging can speed up development work.
  • OE-lite Linux, reduces development and maintenance costs.
TechTrends 1 2013

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  • Arla’s new packaging requires less raw material and less energy.
  • Swedish Steel AB in Finspång puts waste heat into the municipality’s district heatingnetwork.
  • Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB gets power from PIMS.
TechTrends 3 2012

Read Tech Trends no. 3, 2012PDF

  • Ocean Harvesting gathers energy from the waves.With new technology and software from Prevas, wave power is becoming more economical.
  • Miris Holding has developed an instrument for analyzing milk.
  • Better interface and improved functions with Android in Prevas’ embedded system.
TechTrends 2 2012

PDFRead Tech Trends no. 2, 2012PDF

  • Traceability, is that the key to higher efficiency in industry?
  • Sensible labeling. Nobel Biocare uses Snitcher Medical for smarter labeling.
  • Controlled explosions. Orica Mining services uses smart technology from Prevas.
TechTrends 1 2012

PDFRead Tech Trends no. 1, 2012PDF

  • Bake bread with your cell phone. A baking oven with innovative technology and a unique interface. Meet the Hounö company.
  • New method for ultrasound scanning detects arteriosclerosis better and faster.
  • New EU directive. Open Scope will apply also to WEEE.
TechTrends 2 2011

PDFRead Tech Trends no. 2, 2011PDF

  • Keeping tabs on utilization improves flexibility at ICA
  • Investments in production logistics pay for themselves in less than 11/2 years
  • Control system for steelmaking
TechTrends 3 2010

Read Tech Trends no. 3, 2010 PDF

  • HMI solutions for MacGregor
  • ArvinMeritor improves assembly quality with help from Prevas
  • M2M for greater productivity in industry
TechTrends 2 2010

PDFRead Tech Trends no. 2, 2010PDF

  • Helmet that save lives
  • Simulators with AMOLED technology
  • Tum-ECG from Zenicor can cut the number of stroke patients in half
TechTrends 1 2010

Read Tech Trends no. 1, 2010PDF

  • 25 Years of Large- and Small-scale Energy Conservation
  • TESS Keps Tabs on Thermocouples
  • Bottles Made of Plastic, a Norwegian Ground-breaking Product
TechTrends 1 2009

PDFRead Tech Trends no. 1, 2009PDF

  • Better indoor environment with intelligent windows
  • New technology icon - the interactive playground - ICON
  • Lean Design - Think twice about regulations

PDFRead Tech Trends no. 3, 2008PDF

  • The intelligent fish hook - your second pair of eyes under water
  • Effective productionsystem for SUVs
  • A super-computer to beat them all...

Read Tech Trends no. 2, 2008PDF

  • Green energy requires intelligent monitoring of medium voltage grid
  • Environmental monitoring from a 360-degree prespective
  • Strengthen competitiveness with "lean design"

PDFRead Tech Trends no. 1, 2008PDF

  • The fork that keeps track of what you eat
  • Time-to-market calls for flexibility
  • Development platforms save time and money